100 Word Challenge Wk. 26

I had finally done it. I had made the worlds thinnest wall mounted phone, and it was so thin that it measured 2 cm in width. “But how can something so tiny work as a phone?” asked Steven Hawking. “Well, it’s actually very simple. All I had to do was compress the electronics a much […]

100 Word Challenge Wk. 25

This is not an excuse. this is the true story of why I am always last in races.   The clapper goes off, signaling me to start running. I almost immediately go into last place. but that is because everyone else has super fast running shoes, just like Sonic the Hedgehog. About 5 minutes pass […]


The ground was shaking, I was in the park, and all of a sudden, a giant stone hand emerged from the grass that spanned the whole park. Everyone had scattered, but I remained. I didn’t know what to do. A tree randomly sprouted out of the hand. It was an apple tree. It was the […]