100 Word Challenge Week #3 ’18

Professor Crocodile was the greatest in town. He had created many amazing inventions, including water and zip ties. He found a purple lion in the need of zip ties. The professor then took out 473 zip ties out of his jacket pocket. Unfortunately, the lion needed 474 zip ties so the lion was very annoyed. The […]

100 Word Challenge Week #2’18

The giant bead tower had fallen. After 16 centuries of the tower providing beads for all of the towns needs. No-one had suspected that the tower would fall on the day that Queen Eliss would perish. It was almost like the tower had a relation to her. Maybe the tower was her soul and as […]

100 Word Challenge Week #1 ’18

“So, what lies ahead of the dry plains that surround us? Nobody knows. We have sent out people exploring, but none of them have ever returned from the trip into the unknown. Write that interesting information down.” It was just another boring day at school, with boring subjects and boring books. All we were ever […]

100 Word Challenge Week#47

I had been traveling in the desert for hours, looking for water, and I hadn’t found a single drop of it. That was when I found the quicksand. I felt like I was sinking, but I looked down and I was actually sinking for real. I started to struggle, but that only made me sink […]