100 WC Week #37

It was the warmest day, sun shining, birds tweeting and sheep frolicking in the field. But then the weather changed drastically in a matter of seconds, and everything was filled with deep gray clouds, with winds that could fell HUGE towers. We were stuck in the middle of a class 5 hurricane. Everyone was going […]

100 WC Week #36

As we explored the crash site, we discovered everything was covered in gross white goo. We always expected that the alien spacecraft would crash land on Earth today. There are several more in area 51, but this is the first of its kind. We had just discovered an orange area. It made us feel very […]

100 Word Challenge Week #34

The water just kept gushing out of the hole in my roof. It had filled up 12 buckets so far, and it was nearly done on a 13rd bucket. It had been pouring down with rain for 5 hours so far. There was no sign of it stopping. I went to grab my trusty roll […]

The Death Naked-Mole-Rat

What is the scariest creature? Sharks? Spiders? No! It is the Deathus-Nakratus (Death Naked-Mole-Rat). It is the one thing you do not want to run into at night in a dark alleyway. The DNMR (Death Naked-Mole-Rat) Has many terrifying features. These include a 1┬ámetre long tail that doubles as a chainsaw, 50 legs (Each leg […]